Wow, someone was having a bad day, and it WASN'T the Uber driver. He simply honked at a police officer for not signaling when he pulled over to park without using a blinker, according to the Uber driver. Detective Patrick Cherry didn't want to know the reason, however.

Don't all police expect they might be recorded nowadays? A passenger in the Uber cab, who had a cell phone, caught the whole diatribe.

What's really disturbing is the officer uses the "police privilege" card:

People are allowed to park their cars on the side of the street without your interference, and then your opinion about what’s going on, OK? Especially when the person you’re doing it to are the police."

The NYPD is now investigating the matter. Mayor Bill de Blasio also criticized Cherry's behavior. "There’s just no place for any public servant to use discriminatory or negative language," he said.