Raising minimum wage looks to be a big subject right now, I just wrote about Massachusetts sending a bill through the State House with an attempt to get it to $11 dollars an hour and now New York City fast food worker are walking off the jobs saying that they want $15 an hour as a minimum wage.

I'm no economist but like I said last time, anytime you scale up the bottom end and don't compensate the mid to lower living wage worker's salaries you actually make it harder for all to make it on their own. I understand New York City is a different world compared to Central Maine but the premise is still the same, mandatory higher wage will probably mean higher prices which will hurt all. I'm not just talking about fast food combos, it will be the cost of gas, food at the grocery store, etc and other necessities as well .

I know professionals who don't make $15 dollars an hour. I can see and debate and buy into the idea of raising to $10 an hour but much higher than that you're just watering down the value of the living standard.

When I was in my early 20s, single with no kids, I worked two jobs both paid about $5 an hour, probably pulled in about $200 a week. Was it easy? No, but it it was easier than people make it out to be. I made rent, paid power and even smoked and drank at the bars on Friday nights. I didn't have a car but it could be done. Roommates, a young couple living together both doing their part in the bills, are two ways to get through those times.

Minimum wage employment in my opinion is supposed to be a stepping stone or inspiration to a better life. A way to get through college or to supplement a household income. If you want the truth, we need to do a better job of getting people ready for the real world and teach skills that apply to today's more advanced workforce. Ex. Trade schools should be free or free to those in need.