Okay so it wasn't just the kids that had a blast, the adults did, too! We had originally made some plans to go to the North Street Playground in Waterville on Saturday afternoon, but it ended up being a little chillier than we had anticipated so we chose to scrap those plans. We had decided that we were just going to call it a day in and stay home for the afternoon when the idea struck. Why don't we load the kids up and going bowling in Hallowell? So that's exactly what we did.

Of course you can't just go bowling without seeing if anyone else in the family wants to go now can you? No, of course not. So we called Keri's mom, grandmother and one of her brothers and invited them as well. Everyone wanted to go!

Because of COVID you're asked to call ahead at Sparetime Rec and make lane reservations in advance so they know you're coming and can prepare for you to keep everyone properly distanced. They make the entire process super-easy from the get go. Once you arrive at your prescheduled time, the only time you need to wear masks is while walking in and checking in at the counter. While you're on your own private lane with your family, you can remove your masks (if you choose). But remember, if you want to go grab an extra ball, order some food or run to the bathroom, you'll need to put it back on!

We bowled (and ate food) for about two hours and was pretty thrilled when I won the first game. The second go around I wasn't nearly as lucky and ended up losing horribly to my brother-in-law, Alec. My oldest son Evan was also a little perturbed that his 2 1/2 year old brother Gavin beat him. I explained to Evan that it was only because Gavin was using the big assistance ramp to roll his ball down the lane, so he had the benefit of being able to aim his ball before it ever even hit the floor!

Check out some of the pictures I took while we were there!

James Family Bowling 10-24-2020


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