Not feeling the holiday season? Just feeling the weight of the world right now? You, my friend, are not alone. I am right there with you. I am not being a 'Debbie-downer' I am just sharing that this is going to harder for some.

I have never been a HUGE holiday person. But have tried to use the time of year to see some family, eat some great foods, enjoy some of the quiet times that holiday can bring but without the hustle and bustle of having a family of my own, like kids and a partner...stuff like that, the excitement of the holidays have a different feel for me and they always have. The holiday season has always been that way for a lot of us.

But when we had things to do, places to go, and stuff like that it was easier to just sort of go with it or flat out ignore it. But this year, having to always be cautious, and just the general sense of concern with the growing numbers of COVID-19 cases overall, knowing people close to me who not only have had COVID-19 but died from its complications...all the insecurity over the economy, jobs...the list can go on and on…heading into this holiday season is feeling very heavy. I feel very alone.

When I say alone I mean lonely. I am good at 'alone'. I can do alone and have for years. Being an only child I learned to amuse myself from early on. But I am is lonely. I miss people. I NEVER thought I would say that!

 I know there are a lot of people who feel much the same way, I know when I need I have wonderful, loving people I can (and have) reached out to talk and share my feelings. When I had an emotional day about all this stuff recently I even went on Facebook and shared how I was feeling. The love I received back was wonderful. For me, there is a lot of power in knowing I am not alone in my feeling.

But chatting on Facebook may not be enough.  If you feel you need more in the way of support, I get that and encourage you to find that help. If you are lucky enough to have insurance check your benefits, maybe talk to a trusted friend, someone at church and if you have never checked it out 211Maine is a wonderful resource for…resources. ALL sorts of resources. You can check out their website or if you need a bit more help in finding what you need you can simply dial 211 on your phone, text your zip code to 898-21, or drop them an email at They are there 24/7 and have all languages.  You will get one of their Connect With Maine specialist to help you.

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