Something that old is either super cheap or super expensive. This house is on the market for a cool 1.5 million!

Well, it DOES come with over 6 acres of waterfront property in North Haven.

According to, this is the Captain Crabtree house.

There are very distinctive features that remind you the house is over 400 years old. Like super steep stairs and skinny tall windows. Here's the good news, it's been updated since the 1700s! All new bathrooms and kitchen.

It's a 2,558-square-foot house with four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. The current owners bought it back in the late 1990s and completely restored it.

They even built what they call is a Think House. It's a small studio with a bookcase and slate fireplace. It was built to stay within the historical features.

Part of the updating was to have a pool! Bet they wished they had that back in the 1700s!

This property sits on Crabtree Point, which is about 37 acres of conservation land on Penobscot Bay. It's private, beautiful and perfect. Now all you have to do is come up with 1.5 million dollars! No big whoop.



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