It is that time of the year, if you need to buy your own insurance or make changes now is the enrollment is open!

Any Mainer who is not eligible for Medicare can buy an individual health insurance policy.

You want to see what it would cost you?  Here is the link to for the exchange and how any subsidies you are entitled to would factor into your cost.

I was just playing with the online info to see what it would be and I noticed that the Silver Plans offer you some extra benefits.  Make sure you read it all and understand it as much as possible.  Ask your advocate!

I am lucky enough to have healthcare from my employer but if you need to buy your own healthcare check out the exchange, see what subsidies you may quality for and read all the details.  If you start the process now you will be ready for January 1, meet the December 15 deadline and have some time to read, research and make an informed decision about your situation.

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