For some reason it seems people only want to write about an experience they had when they feel it was a bad one. However, I feel like it is even more important to let your voice be heard when you have a great experience.

For those of you who don't know, my (graceful) wife, Keri, fell up our stairs over the weekend and did quite a number to her big piggy. It was to the point where she couldn't even put pressure on it. We contacted her PCP who was out that day and he told us to head over to Maine General's Express Care off of Civic Center Drive. I have known for awhile that this was the location, but had never been in!

That piggy is jacked up!

As we were travelling to Augusta, I was internally hoping that we wouldn't be stuck in the waiting room for hours and take up our entire afternoon... And guess what? We weren't! From the moment we got off the elevator at Express Care everything cruised right along at rapid speed. We weren't the only patients there either, but they sure made us feel like it. From the check-in process, to being seen by the wonderful RN and then the PA, we were probably only in the building for about 18 minutes (maybe even less). Diagnosis: Probably NOT a broken toe, and where she's pregnant they really wanted to avoid X-ray unless completely necessary. If it hasn't started to get better in about a week or so, they would like us to go back.

Overall, what a GREAT experience! It was amazing how quickly we got in and out of there all while being treated like their number 1 priority. So the next time you see something negative written about a business, be careful to just go with it as all out truth. Have your own experience and make your own opinion. Or just take mine, it's always right!


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