It's been a really ridiculous year to say the least. It's been so long of a year that I can't even remember what January and February of 2020 were even like. Was life normal then? Were we all just carrying about our business like we always did? Were we going out to eat and going to the movies and travelling like nothing was happening? I would have to assume, yes.

Fast forward to now and everything has flipped upside down. Life, literally as we once knew it, is on its head. Nothing normal is normal now and we live under the guidelines of the new normal. I'll be honest with you, in the beginning I didn't take this virus quite as seriously as I do now. I actually ticked some of our listeners off back in April and May as I apparently conveyed a lack of concern on the air regarding COVID-19.

Now things are different, not just for me, but dare I say almost everyone. Now that we've been living with this global pandemic for a full human gestational term, we all know someone that has been adversely affected by coronavirus and, if you don't, you're really lucky!  And believe me when I tell you I'm a conservative guy who is the first person to advocate against 'government control', but at this point, even if everyone wearing a mask saves one life, isn't it worth it?

Anyway, I don't want to dive into the politics of it all because we could spend all day there, all I'm really looking for here is a little input from our audience. What are you all planning to do for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays? Keri and I were set to have our families over for turkey-day, but now we're not so sure. We just don't think that potentially exposing everyone to this (if someone were to have it an not know it) is the best idea right now, especially with flu season winding up and the temps winding down.\

Let me know what your plans are for the holidays so I can see what everyone else is planning on doing. Can't wait to read your responses through the free 92 Moose app!

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