John Moore, Getty Images

On my drive into work today, I saw a sign on Rte 202 in Manchester alerting drivers to construction starting tomorrow (9/30) and to expect delays. According to the Augusta city website this overhaul is going to take about 10 months.  The sewer and gas pipes are being upgraded and or installed. Stop and go, sometimes down to one lane, etc. Eventually it will make the area better but in the meantime, I’m looking at creative ways to bypass it on my way into work.

Maybe I’ll Rte. 126 onto 201 through Sabattus and Gardiner. Or maybe turn right Granite Hill at the light on 202 in Manchester, then at the Whitten Road turn left?

I know my commute in the afternoon From Auburn to Augusta takes exactly 47 minutes and on the way home 45 minutes. Can you tell I’ve driven Rte 202 thousands of times? From the Monmouth-Winthrop line, going east it takes me 17 to 18 minutes to get to the station every time. This construction will throw a wrench into my drive big time.