The Oxford County Sheriff's Office confirmed in a news conference today (May 4) that former WCSH meteorologist Tom Johnston, whose body was discovered on April 6 after an apparent suicide, was a suspect in a gross sexual assault that occurred in the town of Newry on April 2.

Speaking at a news conference, Oxford County Sheriff Wayne Gallant said that Johnston was "the one and only" suspect in a gross sexual assault that took place at a residence in Newry. Gallant confirmed that Johnston would have faced charges of gross sexual assault if he was still alive.

"Our investigation shows that Johnston was at the residence and was identified in commission of the sexual assault," Gallant said, adding that the sheriff's department had no contact with Johnston after the April 2 incident, adding that he was unaware if anyone had contact with Johnston in the days he was reported as a missing person.

Gallant said the names of the victim and the witnesses in the case would not be released.

According to Gallant, people at the residence at the time of the alleged assault confronted Johnston and he fled the scene. Johnston's body was found in Auburn on April 6.

Gallant said that there were no other victims or suspects in the case.

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