The China Dine-ah Too's inaugural season is in the books. Norm Elvin spent most of his summer behind a fryolator, cooking up chicken, fries and seafood for hungry tourists. That's how he rolls. When he starts a business, he's in it for the long haul and, to him, there's no such thing as a menial job!

Every part of the team is important and, as he's proven with his other businesses, The China Dine-ah and G&E Roofing, he'll dig in and work as hard or harder than anyone to help the team win and to make his product not just mediocre, but outstanding!

Well, after a solid summer that kicked off with a late June opening and a July ribbon cutting, the China Dine-ah Too is locking the door and turning off the lights until next year. Locals, especially, will miss the seven-day-a-week fast food establishment with a giant outdoor deck attached to it, but that will make its opening in 2014 all the more sweet.

For me, I'll put ALL of my down time at the original Dine-ah on Lakeview Drive. After all, that's where my stool resides and, from now on, so will I!