I was very excited yesterday (May 14) about taking Oden to his first Kennebec Valley Humane Society 'Mutt Strut.'

It could not have been a better day weather wise. Thank you to all those that came out and ran and walked and supported the KVHS.

Unfortunately, the day did not turn out as I had hoped for our pup. Oden is just over a year old and is the most loving dog we have ever had. Except for when I was away at college, I have had a dog in my life every single day and Oden is by far the sweetest. However, he gets very anxious.

We have tried to make sure he socializes, even setting up puppy play dates with his original brothers with families that also adopted when we did. Those have always gone well.

However, when we do go out for walks and he approaches other dogs he is not familiar with, he gets very nervous and sometimes barks. Same with very little children.

Yesterday was just too much of an overload to him all at once. It was my fault. I though maybe he would be okay. He wasn't. We will be talking to his vet looking for more guidance.

Maybe, next year for us!