It certainly won't be the most wild weather we've ever seen in Maine, though it could impact your plans. According to Weather.Gov we will see a possibility at some pretty wet weather over the next couple of days, and some of it could be pretty intense.

Starting today, Monday August, 24th, we'll start the day with a little fog that is expected to burn off mid-morning leaving us under a layer of mostly cloudy skies. After 11 AM we move into that all day chance of rain and thunderstorms. According to the forecast our chance of precipitation in the Augusta area today is only about 30%, though with thunderstorms likely to be in the area this afternoon, that chance could increase rapidly.

Tonight will be more of the same. Showers and thunderstorms remain a likely possibility until about 3 AM. The early Tuesday morning hours will be very similar to today's with patchy fog and mist in the air.

Tuesday is when we will see the greatest threat of heavy rain bearing down on us intermittently. Though as of now, the thunderstorm prediction for Tuesday in our area falls mainly between 3-4 PM, there is a good chance that if those storms hit, they will produce gusty winds and heavy rains. Wednesday we move back into mostly sunny skies with highs near 70.

Again, this isn't the most wild weather we've ever seen here in Central Maine by a long shot, but it could certainly affect your outdoor plans so keep an eye to the sky and watch for those big ominous thunderstorm-looking clouds. Oh, and stay safe, too!

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