Once Mac Dickson started saying that fair season means the summer is ending, that's all I can think of. I remember though, not too many years ago, the Pittston Fair happened in late June, right after summer vacation started. Boy, summer must have seemed short to him back then!

I love a small-town Maine fair and Pittston is a great one. Great events to draw in locals and competitors (especially in the livestock events) from far and wide. There are rides, games and the ever-present aroma of delicious fried food. I can't resist fair food. Look at me! Do I look like I starve?

The fair runs through Sunday with plenty of events including: a whoopie pie contest (Mmmmmmmmmm), kids brownie contest, frying pan toss, pig scramble, talent contest and, of course, the coronation of the Maine Strawberry Queen.

You can download the entire program HERE!