And so, it commences! The legendary Windsor Fair has graced us with another year, and I'm here with all the exciting details! Also, did you know that this will be the 135th year? WOW!

Before we delve into the adventurous rides, let's take a minute to shine a light on some of their attractions that have me exploding with anticipation.

Among these, are the animals! I love to bring my son Bentley to see all of the farm stands and feed the animals!

The demolition derby also stands out as a personal must-see. What could be more thrilling than high-speed cars colliding with each other? The sheer force of this show is something you have to check out!

The world of harness racing will also be at this year's Windsor Fair!

Not only that but there's also a plethora of entertainment lined up for everyone to enjoy. The lineup of musicians will be stellar with 12OC, Motor Booty Affair, and the RaveX Motocross show! I mean, this year is going to be one for the books ladies and gents!

Sweet tooth? No problem! Visit the sugar shack and check out the Bacon Maple Farms newest treats!

There is so much to do that you can't just go for one day!

This highly anticipated event starts this Sunday August 27th and goes to September 4th! I hope to see you there!

To explore the comprehensive list and schedule of performers, musicians, and entertainers, simply click here.

Below is a list of every single ride that this year's Windsor Fair has to offer!

Here Is Every Single Ride You'll See At This Years Windsor Fair 2023

You're welcome in advance. If you are planning to go to the Windsor Fair this year, I have got you covered with a list of every single ride offered!

Panhandle South Plains Fair 2023 Rides

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