I like gadgets just as much as the next person. Especially when they make noise or have cool flashy lights. In this particular case, there are both!

Now, I know I probably shouldn't, but I have a TikTok account. It's definitely an app that sucks you right in and before you know it you've spend the better part of a lifetime scrolling through some of the most ridiculous short videos the internet has to offer.

Earlier today, while I should have been working, I found myself scrolling through more seemingly mindless content. I was about ready to close out of the app and get back to work until I saw this. Probably my favorite TikTok video I have ever seen.

These people just had their new front-load digital controlled washer delivers and installed from the local appliance store. But, before they could even get the first load of towels started in it, they discovered something magical.

Each one of the washing machine's several buttons make a beeping sound- BUT, each beep has a different pitch. This is the exact moment where they realized they could play the 80's hit song 'Take On Me' by A Ha.

Go ahead and check out the video and then go around your own home trying to find random things to make music with. Maybe you'll be able to play the intro to Usher's 'Yeah' using your squeaky oven door or something.

And, just for good measure, this whole process wouldn't be complete without including a 4K version of the original 'Take On Me' music video from 1985'ish.

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