No, you didn't misread that headline, somebody literally cut down part of a tree at the beautiful Vassalboro, Maine Fire Department.

According to posts by Vassalboro Fire Chief, Walker Thompson and the Kennebec County Sheriff's Office, someone decided that it would be funny to cut down the top of a tree that stands tall next to the fire department.

Vassalboro Fire Department
Vassalboro Fire Department

Thompson explained on Facebook that while the department does have motion activated security cameras, this vandalism took place on the side of the building and just out of view of the cameras, so they were unable to make a positive identification on the suspect.

The Chief says that the department will now be upgrading to a higher-end security system to help prevent against this kind of vandalism in the future.

The Kennebec County Sheriff's Office asks that if you have information regarding this incident Deputy Curtis can be reached by calling the Augusta Regional Communications Center at 207-624-7076.

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