Most of me just wants to write this article as a news story, because that's primarily what this is. However, there's a little part of me (the devil on the shoulder) that says I should write this as a personality piece. Okay, I have an idea- I'll do both.

Okay, here we go.

According to News Center Maine, police are looking for a driver that crashed into a building on Harlow Street in Bangor on Tuesday night before fleeing on foot. Why would anyone flee the scene of a crash without their car? Your guess is as good as mine. I mean, you can almost understand hit and runs, right? People get into a mild accident and then think that if they flee in their car quick enough then no one will catch your plates and you'll be off scot free. But if you flee without your car, you're just leaving your plates, registration and VIN right at the scene of the crash!

For the people that will tell me that I could be mocking someone who was having a cognitive event, I suppose that is true. Though I think we can all agree that it's way more likely that this is a case of someone just being an absolute moron. At any rate, the fabulous officers at the Bangor Police Department have a K9 on scene and are currently working on tracking the suspect.

Hopefully, whoever they are, is at home getting their insurance information together because I'm almost certain they'll be caught. I'm just glad that in the end no one appears to be hurt and that no other vehicles were involved. Remember kids, don't run away from your mistakes, because Bangor PD will find you.


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