Portland Sea Dogs & The Boston Red Sox

As most of you probably know, the Portland Sea Dogs are Maine’s Minor League Baseball team with the iconic Boston Red Sox as their parent team. This is the 28th season for the Sea Dogs who recently debuted their season on April 8 and they’ll play at Hadlock Field until September so you have plenty of time to catch a game.

The Red Sox made history for Portland this season by hiring the Sea Dogs first ever female coach, Katie Krall. The new Development Coach is only 25 years old and made her first debut in uniform on opening day last week. As a development coach, Krall will be acting in a hybrid role with both on-field coaching and strategizing with the front office, as explained by WMTW.

This makes the Red Sox the first Major League Baseball franchise to have two women on their coaching staff.

Representation Matters

That last sentence sits funny with me and feels bittersweet. Yes, it’s fantastic that we have women entering male-dominate industries but it’s also sad that it’s 2022 and they’re the first team to have TWO women on their staff. Two? Really? That’s monumental?

We are hopefully slowly but surely making our way into a time when hiring a woman for a role isn’t headline news and is just the norm. I am ecstatic for Krall and this opportunity but it is sad that women taking on jobs like this is breaking news. If it were just another man taking the spot, there would be no groundbreaking history being made.

Krall is now a mentor and a champion in uniform for young girls to look up to. Representation is crucial, as young girls and boys go to the stadium for a game and see a woman on the field coaching. It gives them someone to look up to and allows them to picture themselves in that role.

The new coach shared with WABI-TV:

“The best message I got was from a total stranger who said I have a 4-year-old daughter and she’s going to grow up in a world where you can have a female vice president, and you can have a female minor league baseball coach. That was pretty extraordinary, and that to me is when it really dawned on me that wow, this is bigger than baseball.”

Sea Dogs 2022 Season

Well, I now have even more of a reason to attend some Sea Dogs games this year. It’s an inexpensive and entertaining, lively way to spend a nice summer night outside and the perfect activity whether you’re with your family or on a date.

Baseball kind of bores me and I’ll be honest I don’t really attend the games for the game itself, but rather my irrational crush, love, and obsession for their mascot, Slugger.

I mean… Look at him.

I’m not going to get into it but I definitely just go to the Sea Dogs for the sea dog. Except now I’ll definitely be there cheering on Katie Krall and what a badass she is out there coaching those men. Gotta love it! Love to see it!

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