Klara Tammany was spotted recently sitting outside of Webb's Market on Pine Street in Lewiston doing something beautiful.

All she needed was a cardboard sign, a chair, and two ears. The cardboard sign read, "Free Listening."

The Lewiston Rocks Facebook Page was a buzz on what she was doing and it quickly spread like wildfire.

I got to chat with Klara and she told me that April 11 is International Listening Day, according to Urban Confessional. Urban Confessional states on their website that,

Since 2015, every year on April 11th, we host Free Listening Day, a day dedicated to uniting the world through the power of non-judgmental, compassionate listening. Free Listening Day is an international effort to hear the world and to effect patterns of discourse across all cultures.

Klara, of Lewiston, decided that because of what this day meant, she wanted to make a difference herself and lend an ear to her community members.

She says it wasn't her idea and that she was just joining an international movement and had been meaning to do it for a long time.

Kya Gaddas via Facebook
Kya Gaddas via Facebook

Klara & Susan Bergeron-Owner of Webbs via Facebook
Klara Tammany & Susan Bergeron-Owner of Webbs via Facebook

Klara went on to say that she's been wanting to do this for a long time. Klara is not a stranger to spreading love and hope within her community. She used to be the Executive Director of Sophia's House, The Center for Wisdom's Women.

Sophia's House offers The Center for Wisdom's Women offers safe and sacred opportunities for women in community, to heal from adverse life experiences, learn to thrive, and enrich each other's lives

Sophia's House

Many of the community members sat and talked to her and she did exactly what she said she would, she listened.

Klara said something extremely insightful to me and that was,

In our fractured world, we need to just listen to each other, with heart and without judgement. It is a very healing thing to do for both the listener and the one listened to.

We tend to forget to do that as people. We can become very caught up with our every day lives, that we forget to simply, listen. When you truly listen to someone, you witness them, and in turn, respect them. It's a beautiful connection that is made by two people. Klara made those connections today.

One Facebook commenter said,

She has done so much for the community and specifically woman who have experiences with SUD, trafficking and sex work.

Another said,

I absolutely love that woman ..shes legit a second mother to me she has done more for me than anyone could ever imagine shes a warrior thats for sure

I spoke to the young lady who took the photo that was posted onto Lewiston Rocks, which eventually created the buzz online.

Her name is Kya Gaddas and she was an onlooker who captured these beautiful moments to share with everyone. Kya said,

She was very kind and talking to several people outside of Webb's Market. She just said she was out there listening just so people had someone to talk to.
Kya Gaddas

Klara has taught us all a little something. It's free to listen and the impact it has is everlasting.

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