I recently published an article asking you all to help me pick out wallpaper for my bay window wall in the living room.

You helped so much with your thoughts and comments, however, I was struck by literal design lightening after finding the wallpaper to end all wallpapers, online.

As I was scrolling through my top 10 favorites, I decided to look elsewhere. I found myself on Overstock and then I saw her. It is currently out of stock, so I am assuming I bought the last 4 rolls because it's epic.

Decorating your house is not an easy thing to do because you want to put yourself into it. It was hard for me and I am assuming others when you are being pulled by so many different trends and ways to do things.

Advertising and marketing really make you think that you should be doing something a certain way and I did not want that to happen to my home.

The wallpaper came in and my best friend Katie and I immediately started to install it. It's peel and stick wallpaper so no paste is needed. But it's still difficult because you have to make sure the patterns align correctly and because my house is 88 years old, it is crooked.


Lizzy Snyder
Katie Schreiber via Lizzy Snyder

So you have to take your time measuring, placing, peeling and finally sticking that sucker to the wall. The best thing about peel and stick wallpaper is that if you mess up, you can easily remove it and re-do.

Now, I am not a professional designer or wallpaper person however, in order to install this somewhat correctly you'll need the following tools, the wallpaper (obviously), wipe down your wall to make sure there is no dirt, a leveler, plastic smoother and scissors. The most important took is confidence because you can do anything.

Here is also a pro-tip. If bubbling starts to happen, grab a hair dryer, heat up the spot a bit and then voila, the bubble will go away!

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

I didn't want it to be another standard display room from a furniture store. I wanted to create myself in my space. Janelle doesn't have much say in the process because this is my thing. She appreciates it though.

I am officially adulting now.

The pillows were purchased at Walmart because you don't have to, "buy fancy to be fancy." You're welcome.

Below is a gallery of how it turned out! I can't wait to continue my journey of learning how to be an adult in renovating!

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