Have you ever seen your child just all of a sudden 'come alive' at a sporting event? Well, I sure did this weekend. Evan loves his sports and has been playing several a year since he started at Windsor School back in Kindergarten. No matter the season you can always find him on the field, the court or the diamond.

As a parent, there's no greater reward than seeing your child succeed at something they put their heart and soul into. And here in this video is a small example of that. Evan has always played considerably well considering he comes from parents who, admittedly, have 0 athletic competence.

With all that said, it was like Michael Jordan took over his whole body on Saturday at his game against Jefferson. He scored several baskets and even sunk one of his foul shots, which sadly was the only part I got on video.  I was way too into watching his steal the ball from the opposing team every few minutes to remember to get my phone out.

And sure, he may have stepped over the line on this one, but the refs are fairly lenient with the 10-year olds.

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