Well, the nights have been pretty chilly since early/mid August and now, although I love the crisp weather, I don't like what it ushers in. I don't like putting away and winterizing the boat and camper. I used the boat four times and didn't spend a single night in the camper. Soon, they'll both covered in a blanket of snow and ice....for almost 9 months! YIKES! That's a long freakin' time!

The next couple of months, maybe I'll take walks in the woods or do a little golfing. I WILL do a little shooting but probably not even much of that.

Here's the bottom line. We spend all year long, starting January 2nd (the 1st usually spent nursing a headache) getting ready for summer. Losing weight, dieting, getting in shape, tanning our bodies...all so we can look presentable come June. Then, by the end of August, the cycle begins again.

Hey, I'm all for experiencing a little discomfort so I can appreciate the comfortable times more, but winter is just too long! Humans aren't made for that kind of cold. Global warming? I don't buy it. I think Al Gore should spend a week with me in the Allagash in January, that's what I think.

Okay, I'm done being a beeotch! Winter's coming! Bring it! Wake me up when it's time to pull the boat out of storage!