According to the Lewiston Sun Journal, FedEx driver Kari Sukeforth, of Randolph, never expected her Wednesday night to end up the way it did.

Delivering in extremely-rural Franklin County, she had plotted her route out so that she would not need to backtrack.  At around 7 PM, on a stretch of road in Letter D Township (yep, THAT's rural), she discovered that the last bridge on the road was completely torn out.

As she attempted to turn the truck around on the narrow road, she got stuck.  She attempted to dig the truck out.  No luck.

Then, she tried several things in order to get a cellphone signal, including climbing into a tree.  Still, no luck.

Not wanting to venture into the woods in the dark, Sukeforth spent the night in the truck.  As soon as it began to get light, she started off on foot.  After walking 4 or 5 miles she began to get a little bit of service.

Meanwhile, at about 4:30 on Thursday morning, her boyfriend discovered that her car was still at the FedEx terminal in Lewiston.  He soon discovered that she had never returned to the terminal following her delivery route.  Her boyfriend and the manager alerted Rangely police, who soon located her.

Knowing where Sukeforth's last delivery was, Rangely police chief Russell French had a pretty good idea where she could have gotten stuck.  French, assisted by Fire Rescue Chief Michael Bacon, quickly located Sukeforth.  They gave her a ride back to her truck and got her vehicle back on the road.

Since the incident, Sukeforth has learned how to use the truck scanner to send a distress call and has made a plan to check with the driver of a nearby route to confirm that they both make it back from the day's deliveries.


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