Tuesday June 12th is Primary Day in Maine.  Not only do we have a BUNCH of people running for office that we need to vote on with ranked choice voting there is a ballot question about the future use of ranked choice voting!

It does not matter if you love it or hate it...ranked choice voting or instant run off voting is here for June 12th.  (Renee's personal sidenote: Google it and watch and read a variety of opinions it is interesting stuff!)

Here is a link over the the Maine Secretary of State's office about the primary, special referendum election, ballot question and all that stuff.

Where to vote? Can you enroll in a party to vote in the primary at this late date or even on election day?  All that is here.

The Maine Secretary of State has done a handy-dandy video so when you go to vote you exactly what to do and what it will mean! You will other resources here from the Secretary of State's office.

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