Well, unless police changes, I've watched my last movie at Regal Cinema. They now have a new, corporate policy aimed at "protecting" us from law abiding gun owners. Seemingly brilliant corporate heads can be so stupid.

When you go to the movies at ANY Regal, be ready to have your bags checked. Of course, someone who wants to shoot up a theater won't read the sign at the ticket counter. Surely, he won't know enough to hide a weapon on his person.

The idiocy never ceases to amaze. The sign at all Regal Cinemas reads:

“For the safety and comfort of all our guests: Backpacks and bags of any kind are subject to inspection prior to entry to this facility.”

This means that, if a madman with a gun starts shooting at people inside the theater, I can rest assured that no legal gun owner will be able to take him out because the legal gun owners have been disarmed. Do I have that right? Whew! Thank goodness. I'd much rather go down with the ship.

My prediction is, based on all the backlash they're getting, that this will be a short-lived policy. Otherwise, I believe gun owners WILL stay away. Even the ones who don't normally carry all the time. Even the ones who would NEVER carry at a theater. We're a pretty tight and passionate bunch.

Now, I can buy a box of rounds for every $12 I save by not buying a box of popcorn. But I do so love that popcorn. C'est la vie.

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