Life, especially now in 2020, can really get away from us sometimes. It gets to the point sometimes where we don't even realize just how much time is slipping through our fingers. And, the crazy thing about time, is that no matter how hard you try, you can never get it back. I become so guilty sometimes of letting the days pass by without taking a moment to slow down and really appreciate the people standing right in front of me. My family.

Sure, we see each other ALL the time and spend hours together every single day. But what are we doing with that time? Gavin has his toy room, Evan loves to play video games with his friends online and Keri and I are usually working from home for much of the day. Sound familiar?

The things that I just described are by no means 'bad', they are just part of everyday life, and no one can be faulted for that. But how often are we as family units really slowing down and just soaking up the company and laughter of our family with no distractions. Like turn off the TV, put down the phones (except to snag a photo of the fun) and just enjoy each other's presence. Well, we did that last night. And, as a matter of fact, it was Evan's idea.

Evan had been asking to have a game night at the house with just us, so last night we decided to make that happen. We chose Trouble because it's one of our favorites and also because Gavin (2 1/2) can push the popper and feel like he's playing along with us, too.

It was really nice to breakaway from the news, the social media, and the commotion that is every day life- even if just for an hour. And, the part we don't even realize, is that our kids will cherish these moments and memories for a lifetime.

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