I live in Augusta. Augusta, Maine. I have owned a home since 2008. So it was no big surprise when my tax bill arrived last week.  But as I opened to take a peek before it when to the bank to be paid by the escrow account, I noticed something that was a hoot. IT WAS A SOUTH PORTLAND BILL!

It was on the South Portland form. My info was correct, the amount was ...correct. (OK, I always wish it to be lower, but that is another story.) It just said South Portland at the top. I laughed and just figured someone was having an off day at the office of tax bill printing. Then two days later a second tax bill arrived with all the same info, but on the Augusta form. Enclosed with a note saying this was the replacement bill.

The note apologized for any confusion or inconvenience. That's nice. But what I am bothered by was the fact the spend that time, money and resources to reprint all these bills?  WHAT a waste! The bill was correct! Information was correct! Amount was correct! Just on the wrong city form. I say 'thank you' tax printer bill person for making me smile upon seeing my bill this year. Bet not many can admit to that!

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