Kim Block, the longtime news anchor from WGME is stepping down from her position as news anchor.  She has not be on air for a while.  She has been dealing with her recovery from a concussion.  She fell on the ice at her home a year ago.  She hit the ice with the back of her head.  As I read those words…I felt a pain in my gut...d understand all too well.

A few years ago I fell on the ice and the first part of my body to make contact was the back of my head. I was on a bit on a hill…so when I slipped I went forward and as my body landed…the higher ground behind me is where I hit first then the rest of me landed.  In hindsight I bet it look a bit like a cartoon fall. But the sound it made as my head hit the ice and a moment later the pain. I remember a few things…I know I touched the back to my head to see if that crack was my skull and to see if my brains were leaking out.  They were not. Then the person I was with came to my rescue and that is when I lost it.  I know I did not have to be the adult for a few moments. I was able to get up.  I felt okay.  I insisted I was ok. AGAIN hindsight…this is where I made a few mistakes.  I should have gone immediately gone to Express Care or Emergency.  I did not.  I did go a few hours later and I don’t think the doctor took me seriously as I was still down playing it.  I did not really get how serious these things can be. HUGE MISTAKE!

Over the past few years I have had some of the issues Kim spoke about in her recovery. I feel thankful my issues are not as extensive as Kim’s. For me it was the vertigo, my balance is off so it can be hard to go for a walk or even walk a straight line, the lack of concentration and memory issues. I feel it took away something else…
my wit. While I guess there is a debatable case that I had any to being with…I just don’t feel as sharp as I used to be. It has been hard, but I have had to carry on the best I could.

As I read Kim’s post I applaud for taking care of herself. I applaud for Kim’s coworkers for supporting her through this process.  She is right…concussions are SERIOUS…be careful out there…to everything you can take care of yourself and remember things in your world change in an instant.

Hugs to you Kim!

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