My life and my daily habits are all out of wack right an effort to use that in a good way I am working on upping my daily self-care while I am in the kitchen doing that radio thing!

  1. I keep my apartment SUPER tidy.  It just makes being here SO much a bit easier.  Clutter and mess are now next-level annoying.
  2. Cutting back on coffee.  It is the perfect time to do this. Change of scenery, change of habits.
  3. Drinking more water. OMG. I am horrible at this but it has been a bit easier since I am working in my kitchen. BUT I NEED TO BE BETTER!
  4. I bought a resistance band to have at home. It is an easy way to do get a little exercise. Before the show even starts in the morning I do an upper body work out with that thing.
  5. I am taking two minutes each hour during the morning show to do SOMETHING. Stretch, plank, yoga stretch…SOMETHING to move off my kitchen chair.
  6. I have an s-bar to work on my own back.  It is a big S-shaped device that makes it so you can work on trigger points to massage your own back. I have REALLY needed this.
  7. Open the blinds! My apartment does not get a lot of natural light so I keep the blinds open most of the day.  Yes, I have neighbors that walk by and can see in IF they really want to look in, but all they are going to see if me, not doing much.
  8. Like I did before all of this...I get up and get dressed and ready just like I would be going to the office. It just sets the tone of the morning as a workday.
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