We all have them, maybe more than we know we have, but do they influence your buying and where you shop? I'm referring to rewards cards. They're either in your wallet, purse, maybe on your key ring. I do use my Shaw's card a lot. I would have to say, my Shaw's card is far and above my favorite. You can't beat getting at times three for the price of one.

The ones we have from restaurants, we use on occasion. The TGIFridays card we use because it gives us free chips and salsa before the meal if we show it. Over all, I guess if I see instant gratification, it gets used. I have many credit cards because of getting 20% off if you sign up. Luckily there are no balances on most of them. IE, TJ Maxx, Kohl's, Target. You save 5% when you use your credit card, they'll tell you. That's right, but I'll pay 23% interest if it's not paid off before the billing cycle. Only if I can pay off the card with in the billing cycle will I do that.Lesson learned and on occasion still learning.

How about you? What rewards cards do you use? How many do you have? Just curious. I woke up this morning, and thought *light bulb* here is my write up.