According to The Kennebec Journal, the animal is currently recovering at a rescue facility in the city of Auburn. A man from Rumford is now under investigation for reportedly cutting off the Opossum's tail. This isn't just some random Opossum, either. This animal is familiar to residents in the neighborhood and has been roaming the area for a couple of years. Evidently he even has a name- Percy!

According to The KJ's report,

The Maine Warden Service has investigated the man, who lives in the neighborhood, and forwarded its report to the Oxford County District Attorney’s Office for possible criminal charges. The man told the investigating warden that the opossum attacked him.

Those who know Percy say he is docile and has never been aggressive to people in the neighborhood, even when he was scared or in pain. They doubt the man’s story.

We will continue to update this story as we learn more.

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