People who own vehicles or trailers with registrations set to expire under the current state of emergency won't have to worry.

According to the Kennebec Journal, The Maine Secretary of State’s Office now says that all motor vehicle and trailer registrations, which include 14-day plates or 'temp tags', that expire during Maine’s current state of emergency caused by COVID-19, will be indefinitely extended while the State grapples with the current health crisis.

Temporary registrations that have been issued by towns or cities will now expire 30 days after the state of emergency has been lifted.

In addition, Maine's law enforcement agencies have also been advised to 'pause' enforcement on all expired inspection stickers.

Earlier this month this Secretary of State ordered the closure of the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

The Secretary of State's office is also working with other Government offices to potentially extend other critical things that could expire such as driver's licenses and state ID cards. We will continue to follow this story for updates.

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