Remember the days of sitting at the desk at the DMV, RMV or BMV which ever it was named in your area and doing the written exam for your driver’s license? The days of the written exam for your learner’s permit maybe a thing of the past. What? No written test, you say?

We’ll back up a minute. There still will be a test to get your learner’s permit but it will be on a touch screen in different languages and no way to get the answers from friends who took the test just a day before.  Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap is introducing the new testing system today.

Did you fail your permit test on the first try? Shhh, I did and second. I hit it on my 3rd.  Passed my road test with the first try and got my license and this was before all of the newbie restrictions. Just a couple of turns and parallel parking and boom I was in!