For most of us, part of the fun of Christmas is all the lights, the sounds of jingle bells, the Christmas music, and of course, visiting Santa Claus!

However, there is a population of folks with sensory processing issues where these things would be far too overwhelming to enjoy. This means a lot of kids go without the typical Santa experience.

The good thing is, Santa is very understanding and accommodating to all the good boys and girls and he has arranged a visit to Gallant Therapy Services with the needs of those kids in mind.

Gallant Therapy Services in Augusta is equipped with a sensory room that features dimmed lighting. Don't worry about having to stand in a line. Instead of waiting, just call and make your reservation.

The event is scheduled for December 7th from 9 am to 1 pm. Make your reservations today by calling Gallant at 623-3900.

Get all the details on the event here.

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