According to WGME 13, one person is dead and another is in custody following an apparent shooting and standoff that happened on Howe Street in Lewiston on Sunday.

According to WGME, a neighbor to the shooting told reporters that they heard a 'pop' sound, and when they went to look noticed a body laying on the ground.

The shooting then led to an hours long standoff between police and the suspect which ended with the suspect being taken into custody.

At this time, since the investigation is ongoing, authorities have not released the identity of the victim or the name of the suspect that was taken into custody.

WGME reports that the Maine State Police are currently investigating the incident and will release details pending the completion of the investigation.

We will continue to keep this story updated as more information becomes available to us. Download our free radio station app to be alerted to changes and updates to this story.

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