I think this is serious enough to charge even children in most cases. Tuesday in Sanford resources and time were both spent on a fabricated abduction attempt.

Even worse than the waste of time and money spent on this case, was the fact that it took officers away from fighting real crimes. On top of all of that it put the community on edge to think there is someone trolling around for children.

This isn’t the first false or fabricated story about child abductions. When doing research on this, back in February there was a false report in Lewiston as well.

I don’t understand why kids would present fabricated reports. In the Sanford story the last line states that no charges will be filed. Why not?

It doesn’t mean children and teens need to spend hard time in South Portland at the juvenile detention center but there should be some consequence for calling in a fabricated abduction attempt to the police.

What do you think?

Here is the story about the Lewiston case from WMTW, Channel 8.