Every Christmas my wife and I like to buy a gift together just for us. In past years, we bought a flat screen TV, digital camera and going back a few years, a DVD player. This year, possibly a Keurig coffee maker. Both of us know what it’s going to be and it‘s usually something practical. We also buy each other a few modestly priced things that are somewhat of a surprise but are generally what we need anyway. For Lynn and I, it’s about the kids and their memories and shower them.

Back to the “together gift.” This year we’re debating on whether to get a Keurig coffee machine. I’ve kind of always thought they were a waste of money, not so much the machine but where I drink so much coffee it seems it would be expensive. The K-cups are a lot pricier then conventionally brewed coffee. That being said, we have one at work which I use every so often, and it is nice if you just want one cup. I also see the advantage of a Keurig for those times when you want a flavored coffee, like hazelnut or French vanilla, 200 varieties of joe. Quick, easy and relatively clean, *boom* done. We can put a man on the moon but we cant make a coffee pot that doesn’t drip while pouring. Another advantage; when guests come over, you can have a coffee ready in seconds, literally. Back and forth on this. Lynn likes the flavored coffees and I’m a 'regular coffee' kind of guy. We almost bought a machine the other day, but said, we’ll wait. Like they say, “sleep on it.”

I would love reviews if you have a Keurig. Is it a novelty type item where the fun wears off after a few boxes of K-cups or is it a machine that deserves a spot next to the microwave and knife block on that premium real estate called a counter? If you own one, tell me the place with the best deal. It seems though, the price is pretty fixed at $119.