For those of us who love history, one of the coolest resources we have in Central Maine is Augusta's Old Fort Western.

According to the City of Augusta website, the fort, which sits on the banks of the Kennebec River, got its start as a trading post waaayyyyy back in 1628.

Yes, it really has been around for nearly four hundred years!

Over the centuries, it has been used as a trading post, a military fort, a family home, and apartments for local mill workers.

For about the last century, the fort has been used as a museum.

In addition to allowing tours so that people can see how the fort was used over the centuries, the place hosts many cool events.  During the summer, the fort runs summer camps that allow local kids the opportunity to learn, firsthand, what life was like back in the 1700s.

The fort also hosts a 4th of July event and a Christmas event.

This past weekend, they did something a little different - the staff at the fort hosted a "tavern night".

According to a Facebook post from local photographer Dave Dostie, on Saturday night, the fort transported guests back to the late 1700s, where they had a chance to hoist a pint at S & W Howard Store & Tavern.

S & W Howard Store & Tavern was the general store and bar that residents of the Hallowell / Augusta area would have frequented between 1767 and 1807.

Dave Dostie's post explains:

Each person received one shilling and twelve pence to purchase a drink and participate in period games of chance, including dice, cards, and board games. One-of-a-kind S & W Howard Store & Tavern Tankards were available for purchase. These tankards are hand-made by Sprinkle Pottery in Texas and reflect examples in the Fort Western Archaeological Collection. Any guest not following the Tavern Rules were placed in the pillory. Entertainment was provided by The Holdfast and the Crow’s Nest Celtic Band.

Take a look at some of the pics of the event:

Did you have a chance to attend?  Share your pics and videos with us through our app.

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