I think I speak for most Mainer's when I describe us all as a bunch of fun-loving rednecks for the North! With that poignant characterization, it is our responsibility as red-blooded American Mainers to take to the Rangeley Lakes Region and go BRAAAAAAP wicked hard at Snodeo 2019!

The RLSC (Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club) put on this monstrocity of an event annually and the activites include, but are not limited to, fireworks, sled racing, chili chowder cook-off, excessive BRAAAAPING and more!

Snodeo '19 will be taking place January 24th through the 26th. This is a great event for the most hardcore sled enthusiast all the way down the littlest of tykes who are still working on their BRRRAAAAAPP skills. An awesome event surrounded by some of Maine's most gorgeous scenery.

For more info and the full schedule of events check out the RLSC Snodeo event page, right here!

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