With the storm of the century, 'Nemo,' coming tomorrow, what other storms from years passed do you recall? I remember a storm back in 1997 on April 1st. That one was a lot of hype but lacked in the accumulation department at least here in Maine. It slammed Southern New England though with over two feet of snow. I remember staying over night at the station to make sure everything stayed on and if it didn’t, I was there to call someone or figure it out. I think in the end, Augusta got about 8 inches. It's hard to recall now, but it wasn’t the two feet they were calling for.

I remember a storm back in 1993, that one was in mid-March. It packed quite a punch. I was taking broadcasting at the time in Saint John, New Brunswick. My roommate had a Jeep and we were out on the roads causing havoc. I don’t remember the day of the week, but I’m thinking it was a weekend day.

No, I don’t remember a storm in 1978. I was actually too young to remember that storm, believe it or not. I would have been just 6 years old, I know I look 60 but I'm truly only 40 (for another week). I remember snow as a kid but not really the impact on people’s lives. I wasn’t living in Maine at the time, however I was on the northeast coast in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Whatever you decide to do over the next 48 hours, just make it safe, warm and fun!


Haskell St. in Auburn, 2010
Haskell St. in Auburn, 2010