When it comes to seeing people from high school, I never know what to do. I would like to say my high school experience was everything that shows like Glee and Saved by The Bell told me it would be. But then I would be lying. High school sucks for everyone. Whether it is because of social problems, lack of confidence, or confusion on what you might what people to see you asI don’t think anyone leaves it without a scar or two.

However, those scars are what make you succeed later in life. Those people who you went to high school with affected you in some way, it’s just up to you to determine how it will impact you and your life. Especially since coming home this summer, I have found that running into people who I used to spend my time with is very nerve-racking. I never know if they want me to say “Hello,” or if they want me to pretend I didn’t see them. I personally have gotten over high school and continue to wishall the best to everyone, but I know that for some people, seeing old high school friends can bring up bad memories.

So, if you see me say “Hi,” because I honestly want to know how you’re doing. I want to know if your cat died or you made the Dean’s list last semester. I am happy for all the things my friends and acquaintances from high school have accomplished in their lives.

But if you don’t want to talk or you have fully decided to cut ties with your old high school friends then I understand, although I still am going to give a wave or smile because I am that person. So, feel free to be that person with me. Say hi or say nothing because I just wish you well.

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