I have some of THE coolest neighbors…one of them is Alexis Powers Visual and Performance Art.  Lexi, LexiGoGo, is an artist in a number of mediums but I know her best from her dancing, hula-hoop and fire-baton arts. Since she is my neighbor I get to see her rehearse and John and I were lucky enough to get Lexi to be our ‘FireGirl’ for FireDroneUSA. (Check out the FiredroneUSA FireGirl video here)

This weekend you can catch Lexi and a number of other performers as they take part in a fundraiser for St. Lawrence Arts in Portland.  The space is the historic St. Lawrence Church that is now an arts center.  The fundraiser is called Lady Labyrinth and runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It is a burlesque parody sequel and will “feature all of Bowie’s hits from the original film, as well as more 80’s nostalgia than you can shake a stick at, Lady’s Labyrinth features a multitude of dance and performance styles, coupled with moments of humor, and dark sexy thrills.”  Ohhh…sounds good to me! Enjoy!!

Hey…check out the FireDroneUSA FireGirl video:

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