Pretty sure you can go ahead and file this one away under 'things that make you go hmmm'. Seriously, I'm almost shocked that this story doesn't start by saying something like "a Florida man was arrested over the weekend for....", but no, this actually happened in Maine.

According to WABI TV 5,, the Maine State Police responded to a call out of Mars Hill on Saturday morning in regards to an apparent vehicle theft. Though this certainly wasn't your 'ordinary car theft'. Wait, is there such a thing as an ordinary car theft?

At about 9 AM Saturday morning a woman called into the police to report a man sitting in his truck in front of her home on East Ridge Road. The man then got out and began running up and down the road before eventually getting into the woman's Jeep Grand Cherokee and taking off in it. He reportedly took the Jeep down the street and began ramming his own truck with it before returning it to the woman's driveway. After he parked the Jeep back in the driveway he took off on foot and began running back towards his own truck again.

Police arrived on scene and the man was back inside his own truck, though he refused to exit. Police broke a window in order to gain access to the non-compliant man. 34-year-old Tony Dubuc of Westfield was then taken into custody. He was charged with Aggravated Criminal Mischief among others. He was already out on bail on a condition of not being allowed to operate a vehicle.

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