While Maine is home to some pretty hefty buildings, we're not really the home of lots of tall buildings. At least not when you compare them to the likes of Boston or New York City. And even though it's not going to be super-tall by big-city standards, what is set to become the tallest building in Maine is now under construction.

According to WABI TV 5, the new building will be a massive 250-unit apartment complex that will be on the corners of Temple and Federal Streets in Portland. The building will reach 190 feet into the air, which by our calculations is about 17.5 stories.

But what's the tallest building in Maine right now? Thank goodness for WIKI, am I right? Excluding churches, because those steeples give an unfair advantage to regular 'story-based' buildings (St Joseph's in Biddeford is 235 feet!), Maine's current tallest building is the Franklin Towers apartment complex in Portland. The Franklin Towers were constructed in 1969 and are 175 feet and 16 stories tall.

(Franklin Towers)

attachment-Franklin Towers, Portland 1

Following the Franklin Towers, Portland's Back Bay Tower is 172 feet and also 16 stories followed by the famous 'Time & Temperature Building' which reaches 170 feet at 14 stories.

(Back Bay Tower)

attachment-Back Bay Tower, Portland 1

(Time & Temp Building)

attachment-Time & Temp, Portland 1

Construction on Portland's new 250-unit apartment complex is expected to be completed in 2023.

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