We're on the waning hours of my 14 year old son's sleepover party. As much as the party changes the dynamic of the household I really enjoy him having his friends over. I think it's great on a few different levels.

First and foremost I get to know my son's friends on a one on basis. So when he says he's going to hang with Michael I know who he's talking about and where he lives, etc. I really like his friends and I know as kids get older they make more extreme choices. So it's good to know who everyone is hanging with. It takes a city to raise a child or something like that.

This leads me to my quandary, what are the other kids parents' expectations? Do they allow soda or other junk food? What types of movies do they allow their kids to watch?  We as parents make judgement calls on a daily basis on movies, TV shows, foods, etc.

It was a birthday party of sorts even though his birthday was last month but still it was a special occasion. So yes, we allowed soda in small paper cups and rented them 'Scary Movie 5' which was rated PG13. Lynn made her famous and the birthday boy's pick, chicken alfredo for dinner. Afterwards, gifts were opened then they played 'Just Dance 4' on the Wii and 'Manhunt' (Hide and Seek) in the woods out back of our house last evening with walkies and flashlights.

I have no idea how late they stayed up last night but they were quiet upstairs at 12:30 am if they weren't asleep. This morning Lynn made pancakes and now they're hanging out playing Sonic on Wii.

I think everyone had a fun time at the party. And we'll do it again soon, maybe over Christmas break? I'm done writing for now because it's time to check the bathroom upstairs.


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