For obvious reasons, over the last few months, we've all become much more concerned about icky things on the everyday objects we touch.  In January, you probably didn't think much about the doorknobs, handrails, gas pump keypads, and dozens of objects you touch during a normal day.  With the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, that is no longer the case.

Now, we wash our hands a dozen times a day (and, not just when we go to the bathroom), we go through gallons of hand sanitizer, and we consciously try to limit our contact with objects in public spaces.

Doing their part to limit the spread of COVID-19, and other nasty viruses, through physical contact, Coca-Cola has unveiled a new, touchless soda machine.

The featured, called "mobile pour", works through your smartphone.  The cool part is that it does not require an app or a subscription.  You approach the machine and scan a QR code.  Scanning the code will open a browser to that machine.  Using the browser interface you can select the type of soda you want and any flavors you wanted added.  Then, you press the POUR button in the browser screen to dispense the soda.  They plan to roll-out the option on all Freestyle Coke machines over the course of the summer.

The only issue I see with this is the fact that you need to read the QR code.  Who still uses those?  I don't know many people that have QR readers on their phones or have phones that have built-in readers.  Am I wrong?

Other than that, it's a great idea.

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