Some people move to a town or city because of public school rankings. Usually, the so-called better schools are in more affluent areas where property values are higher and more tax dollars can be collected.

Others like myself, decide on location and then build a family and stay where they start. Either way, state standards are supposed to be the same regardless of your community. That's the point of standardized testing, whether it's the correct way to check schools or not.

One site, Niche, has released its list of the 'Best Public High Schools in the State'. However, when using this list, be cautioned that it may not be a complete picture of what is going on. (Here is how they came up with the list.)

To that end, check out the 2014 school report cards from the Maine Department of Education. The state report card allows you to compare a specific school to others throughout the state using a wide range of measures.

No matter what source you use, do school rankings concern you and affect where you will move or have moved your family?

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