by Renee Nelson
by Renee Nelson

‘The Friends of Lithgow Library’ would love for you to visit their Facebook page and 'LIKE' them. If you are an Augusta resident, I feel supporting our library is very important. If you are not an Augusta resident, any library deserves our support and physically Lithgow is one of the most beautiful buildings. Everybody should take a peek at the reading room! Love it!

The reading room is like a magic little jewel box. It is like going back in time to with its elegant windows and the ways the room is designed. When you look around the building you start to see all these amazing little details. These details can be easy to miss as the library as tried to fit its growth into the original building.

Growth is what ‘The Friends of Lithgow Library’ is focused on for the libraries future. There is a plan for expansion and improvements to make preserve the historic building and meld it to a designed for modern technology and amenities. The new space would also give more functional space to the programs that the library conducts. It would help Lithgow be what libraries are to a city or town, a community center. Libraries are not old school. They are vital to any community as a place people can gather and learn, as a place people can access information and technology and in this case, to preserve an amazing piece of art in the form of architecture.

‘The Friends of Lithgow Library’ have a great website explain all their plans, and keeping people up to date on the fundraising for the improvements. They also have some wonderful note cards and tote bags you can purchase at the library itself.  I picked up some of the note cards; it was the perfect gift for an older member of my family is hard to buy for at Christmas. Check them out for yourself!

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