When I walked into the radio station this morning, I expected heat after all the sounding we did on and off the air about our chilly climate. I was surprised to find out the temp, which had been 62 yesterday morning, is 60 today!

It should be in the 50s soon, so I'm keeping my boots on in case I have to step outside to warm up.

When I walked in, Renee said, "ask Mac about the heat....you won't believe it."

What Mac told me is this: "Greg left me a note. He talked to the heating guy who told him the (rooftop) system was working fine. It's just too cold for it to keep up with demand."

Okay...at the risk of causing World War III here, did the people who ordered/put in this heating system not know that Maine can get cold? I can see an error in Judgment if we were in Dallas or Orlando....but Maine? Really?

Anyway, I laughed when I first saw Renee with an electric blanket she picked up at Big Lots. I thought, that's a bit much. Color me mistaken...I'll be headed to Big Lots as soon as the show ends today.

Peace out, hornpout....may the chill be with you!

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